Tyson Fund

Support special needs of Friends institutions and Meetings within PYM, with emphasis on Friends education, religious interest, and elder care.

Carol Walz, Secretary
c/o Philadelphia Yearly Meeting
1515 Cherry Street
Philadelphia, PA 19102

PHONE: (215) 241-7201
FAX: (215) 241-7045
EMAIL: cwalz@pym.org

Friends Meetings and organizations in the PYM area.

To support special needs of Friends institutions and Meetings within PYM, with particular emphasis on furthering Friends education, religious interests, or services to the elderly.

Download a copy of the current Tyson Memorial Fund Guidelines (PDF), and a copy of the current Quaker Grantmaker Common Form from the Forms & Guidelines Page. Applicants must submit six copies of the application and accompanying materials. The Tyson Fund will make only one grant within a 3-year period to any single institution or organization, and grants are made for one year only. A report on grant use will be expected within one year of the application date unless otherwise stated.

Deadlines: April 1 and October 1


F. Preston Buckman, Edward S. Brinton; Robert M. Taylor, Mary L. Buckman, Carolyn N. Evans.

Established in 1981 as a Trust of Friends Fiduciary Corporation. It was founded by Geraldine Tyson, Natalie S. Tyson, Evelyn Tyson, and Mary Tyson Janney, who were longtime members of Abington Monthly Meeting of Friends.