Pemberton Fund

The Travel & Witness Granting Group makes grants from the income derived from the Pemberton Fund, which was established by will of John Pemberton, who died in 1795, leaving about three acres in the Northern Liberties to the Yearly Meeting “for the use, benefit and service of Friends, members of the same Society as myself, for the accommodation of the horses of such Friends as may attend the Yearly Meeting, or the Quarterly Meeting of Philadelphia, the Meeting for Sufferings, or other religious service of our religious Society, from what partsoever they may come.”

Many years later this field was in the way of city expansion, and Friends asked the State of Pennsylvania for permission to sell. The request was granted on condition that the proceeds from the sale be invested and the income be applied to the same or like purposes as set forth in the will. Over the years, income from the sale of the land has been used to assist Friends with transportation expenses incurred through religious participation and service.

To apply for a grant from the Pemberton Fund, please visit the Travel & Witness Granting Group page for details.

PRINCIPAL: Current: $305,263 market value 6/30/12

ANNUAL INCOME: $10,898 (FY2012)

GRANT SIZE: Approx. $25-$1,700