Frank Scheibley Trust

Established in 1979 “for the establishment, enlargement or maintenance of a home for aged Friends… to be maintained by some branch of the Religious Society of Friends… application of such funds [to] be in the discretion of and under the control of Representative Meeting of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends.” Under care of the Legacy Granting Group until 2012, when it was transferred to the Jeanes Granting Group.

$402,736 market value 6/12
$441,507 market value 6/08
$11,962 (FY 2012)
$24,928 (FY 07-08)

Establishment, enlargement, or maintenance of residential care institutions for the aging.

In 2016, care of grants made from the Frank Scheibley Trust was transferred to the Quaker Buildings and Programs Granting Group.