Aging Assistance Granting Group


Elderly PYM members in financial need may apply to the Aging Assistance Granting Group for grants to assist with their basic needs, or to make it possible to live in retirement facilities, or to remain in their own homes. They are encouraged to apply as soon as need is known, by contacting PYM’s Care and Aging Coordinator.

Applications may also be made on their behalf by family members, their Meeting’s Care Committee, or their retirement facility.

‘Pocket money’ grants are also made to residents of PYM Friends retirement facilities who otherwise would have no spending money.

Deadline: as needed.
Application: contact the Care and Aging Coordinator to obtain the most recent application form.

These grants to individuals are need-based and confidential. PYM grants are made in accordance with the donor’s requirements.

The Aging Assistance Granting Group was formed in 2016 to make grants from invested funds formerly under the care of the PYM Aging Granting Group and the PYM Jeanes Granting Group.


George Schaffer
PYM Care and Aging Coordinator
Phone: (215) 241-7068
Fax: (215) 241-7045

Invested Funds

Aging Grant Fund
Comprising grants from the following –

Albertson Fund
Principal:  $1,191,046  (market value 6/30/12)
Income:  $35,376 (FY2012)

Cadbury Fund
Principal: $385,815 (market value 6/30/12)
Income: $11,459 (FY2012)

Shepard  (distributed on behalf of Friends Fiduciary)
Principal:  $73,147     (market value 6/30/12)
Income: $2,611  (FY2012)

Pennsbury (distributed on behalf of Friends Fiduciary)
Principal:   $221,080 (market value 6/30/12)
Income:    $7,893 (FY2012)