PYM Publications

Contact for PYM Publications:

Director of Communications
Naman Hampton
215 241-7215

PYM Today and PYM Today Online are under editorial control, meaning all publication content must be submitted in advance by a specific deadline and must be approved by the Director of Communications. Approved substructures may contact the PYM Communications staff to submit an article. Please see the guidelines below.

PYM Today Online

This is a monthly online publication that gets emailed to the membership. There may be room for a short article by a Working Group or Committee on its news or upcoming events. Please contact the Director of Communications to inquire. Visit PYM Today Online.

PYM Today

This print publication is mailed to member and attender households twice annually and may be able to accommodate an article by a working group or committee on its news, recent events, or upcoming events. Please contact the Director of Communications to inquire.