Going to a Different Place

General Secretary

I received a wonderful gift this week!  A Friend sent me an email that said:


With gratitude for Rick’s willingness to share his spiritual condition with our whole community, I invite you to read about his experience:

Quaker-Meeting-House-QuakertownToday I worshiped at Quakertown Meeting. Our PYM General Secretary has been urging each of us to go and to worship with other Meetings, and since it was also Quarterly Meeting, I thought I could get “a two-for”.

It turned out to be that I was truly “in a different place” during worship. First of all, I was facing the empty facing benches with a blank wall and a well lit, old frosted window with a white expanse in the background. Secondly, I was not noticing my friends sitting across from me or coming into the room. So I felt out of a pattern and this led to a question -what was I doing here? I was here for worship, of course. But as I reflected on this, I began to think about all of the hundreds of Quakers who were also quietly sitting in worship all over the region and likewise all of the millions of people in places of worship right now at this same moment. What were they doing? What or Who were they worshiping. Finally, after the last 40 years, I have mostly put away the Old Man in Sky God and have come to see my relation with God as being a relationship with the Spirit of Love and Truth. Today, I realized that I can now begin to use a new language to describe what I was doing at the Quakertown Meetinghouse. I was there to witness. I was there to be with others in a witness to the power of faith, the power of truth, the power of love, the power of community, and the power of goodness. I made a step to a new place on my spiritual journey by going to another Meetinghouse.

I love to hear Rick’s experience of visiting a neighboring meeting and I love to hear the power of his transforming experience of God.  Here are three invitations for you, dear reader:

  • Check out the map of visits that PYM Friends have made to visits in our Yearly Meeting.
  • Find out more about your friends’ spiritual conditions by asking them.  You can see suggestions for conversation starters on our Truth Queries webpage.
  • Go visit a meeting – in fact, visit TWO meetings this year!  Then post your visits online.