Work and Witness Directory

When we combine the energies of different Friends and meetings our work and witness grows and can be truly powerful. Two vehicles for coalescing that energy are Collaboratives and Sprints supported by and in the care of the yearly meeting. Friends are organizing using these vehicles!

This page is the place to check the latest groups, to stay informed about the groups as they form, and as more information becomes available, you will soon be able to visit the websites for these groups.



Collaboratives make us a dynamic, “community organized” yearly meeting, by providing a vessel to hold Friends with similar ideas and leadings, and help launch projects and activities which grow out of those shared callings. Learn more about Collaboratives.

First Contact Reconciliation Collaborative 

Supporting relationship building among east coast colonial era original peoples and east coast Quakers within the Religious Society of Friends, extending through Lenapehoking and “sister Nations,” Seeking our historic truths in an effort to reconcile deviations of loving practices, recognize causative factors of intergenerational trauma, and pursue appropriate forms of mutual healing, creating beloved community. Identifying, acknowledging, and supporting our separate cultures without causing or imposing harm upon our diversities, rekindling faithful relations on the shared homeland of Turtle Island, between original peoples and emigrant settlers/ descendants. Implementing mutually beneficial , contemporary, unique allys bill of rights and responsibilities. Contact: S. Boone O’Scheyichbi,, (609) 221-7247

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Public Education Collaborative

We wish to harness the professed Quaker concern for public education to effect change in public schools, to build a legislative lobby that advocates for full funding of public schools, and to promote legislation that has a positive impact on our schools.

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Eco-Justice Collaborative

Planning ways to share in monthly and quarterly meetings the message that racial inequality, economic inequality and climate disruption are parts of a whole; addressing climate disruption as a spiritual commitment & a grounding concern.

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Spiritual Formation Collaborative

Meeting our intention to deepen spiritually in our meeting communities. Friends will visit your meeting and help you increase the spiritual vitality.

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FWCC and Other World Relations Collaborative (webpage coming soon)

Holding the long-term relationship between Philadelphia Yearly Meeting and Friends World Committee for Consultation. (Re)appointing a representative from PYM to FWCC/Sections of the Americas.  Meeting bi-monthly to make sure that both PYM is represented to FWCC, and that FWCC is represented to PYM. The contact for this Collaborative is Toby Riley and can be reached at:

India Friends Collaborative (webpage coming soon)

Partnering with Ghandian Quakers in India to support landless and tribal peoples in great need, supporting in particular the village of Bhimkothi in cooperation with Unami Meeting. Supporting and visiting with Quakers in India, primarily in Madya Pradesh. Helping to preserve the historic Rasulia Friends Center. Contact Henry Beck,,
(610) 718-8754

Legislative Policy Collaborative

PYM’s face at Friends Committee on National Legislation and your resource to learn more about lobbying and the work for peace, justice and an earth restored in government.

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Middle East Collaborative

Carrying the concerns of PYM Friends regarding the Middle East Region. Joining with other faith communities as a representative of Quaker witness, faith, and practice. Mobilizing Friends across the Yearly Meeting with common concerns.

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Supporting Individual Calls to Ministry Collaborative

Helping communities support their members who’ve come under the weight of a leading and individuals to follow their inner guides.

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Decarceration Collaborative (webpage coming soon)

Connecting Meetings and individual Friends with communities and organizations who are most affected by the prison industrial complex, engaging Quakers in the work of learning about and fighting against mass incarceration. Organizing an event for May 20, 2017 to invite community organizations and give Quakers the opportunity to connect with them around issues of mass incarceration. For Friends interested in supporting this work, reach out to Chris Lucca at:



Sprints allow our community to respond to leadings in the moment. They provide agility in addressing a specific need as soon as it arises and help to get the job done quickly. They last no longer than 1-6 months; the shorter the better. Learn more about Sprints.

Friends of Color Retreat Sprint

Providing opportunities for Friends of color to gather together to actively support and enhance the welcome, safety and spiritual growth of Friends of color as full members of our Society.

Nuts and Bolts of Monthly Meetings Conversation Spaces Sprint

Exploring the use of Online Conversation areas for sharing tips and techniques related to nuts and bolts functions at Monthly Meetings such as Finances, Burial Grounds, and Legal Matters.

Propose a new group!

Collaboratives and Sprints are just two of the vehicles for activity within our yearly meeting community! Other ways to engage include Resource Friends and Committees. To propose an idea, visit the Quaker Life Council page on the PYM website. The Quaker Life Council will help discern the right direction for your work. If you are not ready to apply as a group, but want to find other Friends with similar leadings, fill out the Work and Witness Connection form and we will connect you with Friends who may share concern.