Highlighted Resources

There are numerous resources throughout this website and elsewhere that can help you connect and organize. This page highlights commonly needed resources for community engagement, within our meetings and the larger community.

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Take Action Crowd- Sourced Resource Page

This is a compilation of resources to help individuals & faith communities actively and effectively engage to counter state-sanctioned violence, individual bigotry, and oppression against people of color, immigrants, indigenous peoples, LGBTQ friends, Jews, Muslims, folks with disabilities, and all of us who are and will continue to be hurt.

Addressing Racism

The Undoing Racism Group shares a collective vision to address the racism that still persists in our Society. We propose actions which may work to develop the kinds of beloved faith communities we wish for our Monthly, Quarterly, and Yearly Meetings, along with other bodies under our care. View our working document for details. 

LGBTQ Resources

This is a growing source of resources for LGBTQ related issues. Here you can find resources pertaining to anything from deepening your understanding of terminology, finding ways to get involved in the LGBTQ community,  to various types of media representing people who identify as LGBTQ, and more.

How-to’s for PYM Groups

This offers guidance for accessing the different resources available to PYM groups, such as scheduling meetings and phone conferences, help with communicating your work, and other staff support