Quaker Life Stories

Our stories help us know the life and vitality of our entire faith community better – they tell us who we are!


Our General Secretary invites meetings and organizations in the Philadelphia Yearly Meeting neighborhood to share their stories.

This is a way for us to learn from, inspire and take comfort in one another.  Sharing our stories lets us know the breadth and depth of the spiritual engagement and activity that we experience in our community.  It helps us see the power and the need among us.  It shows us who we are.

Suggestions for your story

Please consider sharing at least two stories a year!  Stories about moments you have celebrated, issues you have wrestled with, work you have done, times you have mourned, accomplishments you have achieved … stories of life and the movement of the Divine Spirit among us.

There are a variety of ways to make this a simple task.  For example, you could submit a story from a newsletter you or your meeting have already published; a news item that has run in your local paper; notes from a committee summarizing a project; a report given during a meeting for business; or even something you might write just for this purpose!

Together, we can generate hundreds of stories each year, providing everyone with a rich view of our faith community.

Please tell us your story!

Use the form below to share your stories.

We plan to share stories through a variety of outlets including this website, our ThreadLetters, PYM Today and other forms to help everyone in our faith community learn about the richness of our spiritual and temporal lives.