Friendly 800s Brings Together 250 Friends for a Yearly Meeting-Wide Potluck Dinner


On Sunday, October 18, Friends gathered across our yearly meeting geography to celebrate the diversity of our religious experience and have fun! From Chambersburg to Moorestown and Pennsdale to southern Delaware, at 28 different locations, 250 people ate together, considered queries, posted photos and “micro-Epistles” on social media using the hashtag #friendly800s. Check them out! The phrase “to Friends everywhere” stole the Quaker twitterverse. Here’s an example:

“To Friends Everywhere: Gifts of the Spirit have been present this evening – Joy, Love, Grace, Gratitude, Humor, Caring Concern – in every person, in the bountiful and culturally-varied food, and in the awareness that fellow Friends in PYM were gathering as well.”

If you were wondering what’s the point of Friendly 800’s, this micro-epistle and the dozens of others drive it home. No matter where you are, you are held by a vast and varied community of truth seekers. This is precisely what it means to be PYM. You are and we are PYM!

During the dinner, Friends also skyped with at least one other group to share in the experience of worshipful fellowship and fun. We heard comments like:

“…our gathering was expansive in sharing.”

“It was really nice extending our Friendly community.”

“It was our first meeting without our founder…who died Monday morning. We realized how much his love and simple, profound life had tied us to each other…”

Also, check out these posts on social media, with the hashtag #friendly800s!