Friends in Fellowship

Friends in Fellowship is a series of free talks and lectures that bring Friends—and friends of Friends—together for fellowship, refreshments, and networking. We offer short talks featuring important topics connected to Quaker tenets and offer opportunities to meet people doing meaningful, and interesting projects.

The Human Genome & Health Disparities

Max MeunkeMax Muenke, a member of Lansdowne Monthly Meeting, will speak about efforts to address disparities in healthcare. Dr. Muenke has directed medical genetics, first at CHOP/Penn, and later at NIH. His lab made seminal discoveries in normal and abnormal brain development in humans by identifying several genes important in craniofacial disorders. More recently, his lab has identified susceptibility loci for ADHD, with further research focused on predicting severity, treatment response, and long-term outcomes.

Diversity and Inclusion in Government

Don BellDon Bell, former president of the Senate Black Legislative Staff Caucus, serves as Director of the Black Talent Initiative in Washington DC. In this position, with bipartisan support, he leads the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies’ work to promote diversity and inclusion and increase representation of communities of color on Capitol Hill. The initiative is using a talent bank to match the resumes of strong candidates of color to one or more of the 6,038 Positions on the Hill. While people of color make up over 36 percent of the U.S. Population, they hold only 7.1% of top staff positions in the Senate. (2015 Joint Center Report)

Kenya’s Response to Climate change

Edward MungaiEdward Mungai is the principal NGO leader behind Kenya’s initiative to develop, market, and disseminate clean technologies that address climate change. As CEO of The Kenya Climate Innovation Center (KCIC), he runs an innovation hub that provides incubation, capacity building, and financing services to entrepreneurs developing innovative solutions in energy, water, and agribusiness. The KCIC supports more than 200 green businesses, which directly employ 3,100 people and supports a holistic country-driven approach to accelerate the transfer of locally relevant climate technologies to the private sector.

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