Revising Faith and Practice

A regular review of Faith and Practice should be undertaken to keep our statements on faith and practice in step with changes both in understanding our call to obedience to the Light and in our procedures for such matters as marriage and membership.

Revisions should not be undertaken lightly nor under pressure from groups eager to press their special concerns. Major revision should be initiated only by action of the yearly meeting in session, usually upon recommendation of Interim Meeting. Such revision places heavy demands upon those individuals so entrusted, and careful consideration should be given to their selection, to the expected extent and process of the revision, and to the staff and financial support required.

Minor changes, especially in matters of procedure, may originate at any level. Such experiments are to be encouraged, but should be laid before Interim Meeting prior to consideration by the yearly meeting in session.

Any proposed revisions should be widely circulated and discussed prior to formal acceptance and publication by the yearly meeting. To assure full opportunity for responsible consideration by the membership, all changes in Faith and Practice laid before the yearly meeting in annual session for preliminary reading may not be finally accepted until a year later.