Changes in Established Meetings

Monthly Meetings

When members of a worship group or of a preparative meeting wish to form a monthly meeting, they should first consult with the appropriate monthly meeting and the regional meeting. If it is evident that the group is fully aware of the responsibilities of an established monthly meeting (see pp. 177-190), a formal minute should be prepared and forwarded to the monthly meeting. If the monthly meeting approves this minute, it is forwarded to the regional meeting. When the regional meeting gives approval, it appoints a committee of oversight to assist in matters of membership and responsibilities for finance and property. The regional meeting should also inform the yearly meeting of such a change in status along with the names of the members involved.

A large established monthly meeting, in order better to meet members’ needs, may wish to divide; or a Meeting, feeling itself to be too small to fulfill its various obligations of property, finance, and spiritual nurture, may wish to become a preparative meeting of another Meeting or to merge with it. The Meetings involved should minute their intentions and seek the approval of the regional meeting. If the proposal is approved, the yearly meeting should receive prompt notice of the change and of the names of the members involved.

Quarterly (Regional) Meetings

For reasons such as convenience of attendance, a monthly meeting may request transfer of affiliation from one quarterly (or regional) meeting to another. The parties involved should consult carefully and, if the change is approved by all concerned, the matter should be reported to the yearly meeting or Interim Meeting for its approval.

Similar consultation and discernment should occur when one or more monthly meetings wish to form a new regional meeting; or when a large regional meeting feels it right to divide; or when smaller regional meetings wish to join into one. In such cases a committee from the yearly meeting or Interim Meeting should be party to the discussions and assist as needed. Final approval rests with the yearly meeting or Interim Meeting.

Whenever Meetings Merge

When any merger of Meetings occurs, all property both real and fiscal of the bodies involved becomes the property of the newly established body. Meetings are cautioned to prepare proper minutes to take care of all legal matters involved in the merger.

Whenever Meetings are Discontinued

If the members of a Meeting believe it desirable either to lay it down or to unite with another Meeting, they should make their request to the regional meeting to which they regularly report. If approval is granted, this regional meeting should appoint a committee to assist in making the necessary arrangements. In the case of the closing of a monthly meeting, this committee should arrange for the transfer of individual memberships to another Meeting. Notification of such action should be forwarded promptly to the yearly meeting.

In the case of the laying down of a preparative, monthly, or regional meeting, all rights and responsibilities of property vested in it and all responsibility for records shall be transferred to the larger meeting of which it has been a part.