Revised Final Proposed Draft

The Faith and Practice Revision Group is pleased to release the proposed new edition of Faith and Practice of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting to the yearly meeting for its consideration. This constitutes the second reading and is presented for acceptance. It is our hope that a great upwelling of creativity will ensue as Friends explore the new book in groups and as individuals throughout the yearly meeting. We learned in the revision process that many Friends, new and old, are unfamiliar with our current book. Perhaps the publication of the new edition will inspire, for example, a sprint group to collect the various ways that meetings encounter the book.

The revision group deeply appreciates the many suggestions, comments, responses that Friends throughout the yearly meeting have shared with us over the past 7 years. Since annual sessions last year, we have received feedback on the draft that was then under consideration. The revision group addressed all of the suggestions and incorporated a great many in the draft posted April 30, 2016. In the past three months, several omissions have been brought to our attention; we have rectified that in the document posted and dated June 30, 2016. The revision group believes that the proposed new edition has been greatly improved by the participation of many Friends.

We ask that Friends accept the new edition and turn attention to publishing and using the new book.

Martha B. Bryans, Clerk