Faith and Practice Revision Group

The newest Faith & Practice Revision is being considered for approval and adoption. We hope that everyone will take time over the coming months to read the proposed Faith and Practice Revision in full. Download the entire revision as a PDF or section-by-section. The revision is also this year’s One Book One Yearly Meeting Choice. On the One Book page of the PYM website, there are queries you can use in reading groups with your local Quaker community.

The Faith and Practice Revision Group was appointed by Philadelphia Yearly Meeting in 2009. Our charge is to revise Philadelphia Yearly Meeting Faith and Practice specifically to reflect the new governance structure and practices – and to bring the book “up to date.”

Welcome to the Faith and Practice Revision Group

December 31, 2015

Final date to submit suggestions for Section VI Extracts from the Writings of Friends

January 31, 2016

Final date to submit suggestions/recommendations on July 2015 draft of current proposed revision

April 30, 2016

Revised Final Proposed Draft will be posted by the Faith & Practice Revision Working Group

July 2016

Second Reading for Acceptance at Annual Sessions

Throughout our process, we have invited feedback from the yearly meeting as a whole, from particular groups, and from those serving in various roles in monthly meetings. Most recently, we conducted an online survey of those involved with care and counsel/worship and ministry to understand specific aspects of their work. We will continue to seek such advice as we focus on particular sections of text.

The process for revision of Faith and Practice is clearly defined in the 2002 edition. “Any proposed revisions should be widely circulated and discussed prior to formal acceptance and publication by the yearly meeting. To assure full opportunity for responsible consideration by the membership, all changes in Faith and Practice laid before the yearly meeting in annual session for preliminary reading may not be finally accepted until a year later.”

Annette Benert (Lehigh Valley MM, Bucks QM)

Joan Broadfield (Chester MM, Chester QM)

Martha Bryans (Uwchlan MM, Caln QM), Clerk

Howard Cell (Germantown MM, Philadelphia QM)

Sallie Jones (Birmingham MM, Concord QM)

Bill Smith (Moorestown MM, Haddonfield QM)

We welcome your comments and suggestions!