Exploring Membership in the Religious Society of Friends


Since the beginning of Quakerism, Friends have had various iterations and explorations around how to do membership. New York Yearly Meeting’s Alternate Member Pathways Working Group, is hosting an event, inviting Quakers to explore alternative ways of doing membership in Quakerism.

The need to explore ways to have more inclusive membership practices has long been recognized. This event will offer many ways to do just that. There will be programming around the history of membership and how it came to be. Folks will get the opportunity to browse through different Faith and Practices, to see what process’ Friends have used for membership in the past, and how that has influenced the process’ we have now. Friends take the time to dive into the ways that the membership process is or isn’t maximizing inclusivity, and brainstorm ways to do so more effectively.

The group has expressed interest in having up to 10 Quakers from PYM be in attendance to help discern ways of seeking renewal of how Friends practice membership. Here is a link to the event on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/621655348019322/

There are scholarships available to help with the cost of attendance. Housing and child care will be provided at Powell House. If you are interested in attending or want more information about financial aid, reach out to: nyymaltpathways@gmail.com.