SCHEDULE CHANGE Thread Gathering: Supporting Individual Calls to Ministry Peer Group Introduction

April 1, 2017 @ 11:00 am – 4:30 pm America/New York Timezone
Friends Center Rufus Jones Room and satellite sites TBD
1515 Cherry St
Philadelphia, PA 19102

Dear Friends,

This Saturday, April 1, we will hold the 2017 Worship & Ministry Thread Gathering at Friends Center, 1515 Cherry St, Philadelphia, PA 19102. The Thread Gathering was organized by the Supporting Individual Calls to Ministry Collaborative (SICM) and was set to double as the start of their peer group series. Given recent events, SICM has decided to adjust the schedule of the gathering this weekend and postpone their peer group series. See their letter below.

Friends are still encouraged to attend. Unfortunately, we will not be able to provide childcare. We try very hard to provide it at all our events, but we are sometimes bound by the limitations of human availability.


Letter from SICM:

The peer group series, scheduled to begin at the April 1 Worship & Ministry Thread Gathering (details below) is being placed on “pause.” Instead, during the time we would have scheduled the regular program, SICM invites you to worship in the Rufus Jones Room of Friends Center (the big glass-window room to your right as you enter). Friends are free to join in any portion of the day they choose.

The New April 1 Schedule:
11:00-11:30 Gather and welcome one another
11:30-1:30   Extended unprogrammed worship
1:30-2:30     Brown bag lunch (with accompanying salad and salad fixings)
2:30-4:00    Worship or worship sharing

The reason for the program change is that Viv Hawkins and Lola Georg, the co-facilitators of the peer group series, feel a need to “pause” and reorient amid the racism that some Friends in our yearly meeting witness. They’ve spent time in prayer and discernment, including with their own peer group. They invite Philadelphia Yearly Meeting (PhYM) to worship and listen corporately.

The peer group series may rise again at a more opportune time! SICM may take this up at its April 8 meeting to be held at Serenity House. Details here.

SICM greatly appreciates the support of PhYM program staff and the 20+ people pre-registered for the peer group series. We’re excited by the peer group series program and that it was to be co-sponsored by PhYM, Central Philadelphia Monthly Meeting’s Committee on Gifts and Leadings, Alternative Seminary, and Eastern University.


PhYM Supporting Individual Calls to Ministry Collaborative

What has been Postponed:

Following a Leading? You needn’t go it alone.

Come join in mutual support to more faithfully follow the Spirit and create a better world. Attend the free peer group series on Saturdays Apr 1, Jun 24, and Sep 30 at Friends Center 11am-4:30pm with small group sessions in between. Using teleconferencing, remote locations can be arranged, in some cases with sufficient advance notice. Viv Hawkins, Lola Georg, and Hollister Knowlton hope to see you there!

The Introductory Session, Held on April 1, Doubles as a Worship & Ministry Thread Gathering

The Thread Gathering will serve as the introductory session in a new program that the Supporting Individual Calls to Ministry (SICM) Collaborative has developed to offer Friends a process to foster their faithfulness to leadings. It is called the Peer Group Series. The series consists of 3 Saturday sessions held over a course of six months. The sessions include worship, instruction and practice, skill building, and guidance to plant the model in one’s home faith communities. Participants can attend this first session in which the peer group model will be taught or all three sessions to better master the process and allow on-going support during the six-month course. Additional sessions are June 24 and September 30.

Learn more on the SICM Gatherings webpage or Go Directly to Registration.