First Day School Teacher – Frankford Monthly Meeting of Friends

Frankford Monthly Meeting seeks one or more experienced First Day School teachers to implement spiritual programming on First Days.

Here is the some of the content we would prefer be explored in our First Day School programming.  We welcome our teachers’ gifts and interests as they build a curriculum using these touchstones:

  • Historical information on Quakers and Quakerism
  • Discussion of how Quakers handle current events
  • Personal examination of the Testimonies
  • Conversations about what words resonate with the children about God – Do they like the word “God?” the word “Spirit?” Are there other words they would prefer to use to talk about spirituality and religious faith and practice?
  • Practicing HOW to access God/Spirit – Silent worship, walks in nature, journaling, moving meditations, art-making, active listening…
  • Conversations about where they find God/Spirit
  • Conversations about how God/Spirit is moving in their lives
  • Exploring Quaker practices — When there are primarily older elementary school students, practicing clearness committee work and/or a holding a Meeting for Worship with attention to Business for children
  • Other subjects as the need arises and as you feel led to teach them

* A note on Christocentric language and teaching the Bible – Our meeting welcomes Friends who use Christocentric language and honor Jesus as well as welcomes those for whom Jesus is not their primary metaphor.  In teaching Bible stories, we ask that the stories are presented as one idea of God’s teachings, and that we all can hear God’s Word directly.  We ask First Day school teachers to determine if the subject matter of a Bible story (or any story) is appropriate for young children.  For example, rather than teaching about resurrection around Easter, we have tended to teach about renewal, plants blooming, and cycles of life.

We would like, as we welcome new First Day School teacher(s), to implement a practice of children going directly into First Day School when they arrive to the meetinghouse.  We invite the teacher(s) to begin with some “Kids’ Quiet” at the start of the lesson.  We ask that the teacher(s) help the children to keep their voices low so as to not disrupt the worship in the meetinghouse.  Following the lesson, the children will quietly return to (adult) Meeting for Worship at around 11:15-11:20am and remain in worship until the rise of meeting.  There is a time for announcements and for Friends to share briefly any “Afterthoughts” from worship that did not rise to the level of a message.

Ideally, we would be able to hold First Day School lessons every First Day.  The lessons could be performed by one or more teachers.  If we are unable to secure teachers with lessons for every week, we would like to offer childcare on other First Days.

Our worship is held from 10:30-11:30am, with about 10 minutes of check-ins and announcement at the rise of worship.  We have a time for fellowship on 1st First Days following worship, in which we would love for the teacher(s)/children to briefly share what they have been learning about in First Day School.  We hold an (adult) discussion group on 2nd First Days and Meeting for Worship with attention to Business on 3rd First Days, for which we would like to secure basic childcare until 1:30pm.  The rate of pay is $50 each First Day for planned First Day School lessons, and $25 each First Day for childcare only. For days in which we would ask the teacher to remain after worship until 1:30pm, they would be paid $50 for the First Day School lesson and $25 an hour for the childcare after worship.

If interested in applying, please submit a letter indicating your interest, experience and availability to teach First Day school with our meeting community.  Please also indicate if you have current clearances and criminal checks.  You may send your letter to Jesse White, Clerk, at