Associate Secretary for Advancement and Relationship

This is a senior management position reporting to the General Secretary. The Advancement and Relationship team supports the organization’s relationship with the meetings and Friends within the yearly meeting, the communications with those constituents and with the public and fundraising.  This posotion is responsible for managing their team in a collaborative manner, for cultivating relationships with individuals and major donors and for ensuring income from individuals, meetings, and grants meet the organization’s goals and needs.

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  • Provide leadership in developing and achieving long and short-term strategic and tactical goals for relationship-building with individuals and meetings, communications and fundraising. Identify the steps to achieve goals and metrics to measure success. Gather and use data to enhance program and cost-effectiveness.
  • Cultivate the relationship of individual Friends to the yearly meeting. This includes connecting with Friends directly, facilitating connections with the General Secretary and others, facilitating gatherings for specific constituents such as Friends in Business and Retirement Community Teas, and attention to PYM’s communications channels,
  • Ensure key messages and news stories concerning the activity and experience of PYM, PYM meetings and Friends are consistent, clearly communicated and understood within the PYM community. Work with communications staff to develop PYM’s media strategy, and foster official and unofficial communications about Quakers, PYM, and its meetings in public media.
  • Responsible for the Annual Fund (giving by individual donors) and for identifying, cultivating, visiting and soliciting donors. Maintain development records, write/file visitation notes, and deepen donor research.
  • Launch and maintain a robust planned giving program, working as needed with Friends Fiduciary.
  • As needed, develop a fundraising strategy for specific needs, such as a new database, or in specific cohorts, such as families or Young Adult Friends. Articulate and act on grants strategy, including case statements, grant applications, and grant reports.
  • Participate in an effective partnership with the General Secretary to assure that advancement goals are integrated into the overall strategic goals for PYM and assure that the advancement program obtains the necessary resources to achieve PYM’s goals.
  • Provide effective leadership and management of a team.
  • Serve as staff for the Nominating Council, as needed, and for development-focused individuals. Set and maintain high-quality standards for the engagement and stewardship of PYM Friends involved in the advancement program.
  • Attend Annual and Continuing Sessions and serve as staff support during sessions.
  • Other duties as assigned.


  • Experienced in fundraising “best practices” and major donor development, including planned gifts.
  • College Degree or equivalent required, advanced degree preferred.
  • More than five years’ experience and demonstrated skill with fundraising and planned giving and with marketing and/or communications.
  • An active Friend or extensive experience with Friends meetings and Quaker faith and practice.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills as well as strong oral and written communication skills.
  • Commitment to a spiritually centered philosophy of stewardship. Demonstrable awareness of the spiritual dimension of the work and sensitivity to both the leadership opportunities and collaborative needs among PYM leadership, staff, committees, members, meetings, and volunteers.
  • Demonstrated ability to lead and manage complex projects involving diverse teams of people and interest groups. Ability to listen well while identifying the needs of users and guiding them to a positive outcome.
  • Ability to manage stakeholders’ expectations and communicate clearly at all levels. Ability to conclude projects on time and within budget. Effectiveness in managing time, prioritizing work, and managing multiple tasks.
  • Strong sense of responsibility, self-motivation, and a positive attitude. Demonstrated ability to think creatively, problem-solve, and develop innovative ways to deliver results with limited resources. Ability to work independently and in collaboration with PYM staff, volunteers and other stakeholders and constituents.
  • Vocation for community building.
  • Competent using Microsoft Office programs. Familiarity with CRM databases.
  • Ability to travel locally on a weekly basis, to work evenings and weekends, and to work with minimal supervision.

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