Employment Opportunities

Philadelphia Yearly Meeting is dedicated to the principle of equal employment opportunity as a matter of conviction. Philadelphia Yearly Meeting employs a small staff of full time and part time professionals. Openings occur from time to time. Please check back regularly for future opportunities.

Open Positions at Philadelphia Yearly Meeting

Associate Secretary for Advancement and Relationship

This is a senior management position reporting to the General Secretary. The Advancement and Relationship team supports the organization’s relationship with the meetings and Friends within the yearly meeting, the communications with those constituents and with the public and fundraising.  This position is responsible for managing their team in a collaborative manner, for cultivating relationships with individuals and major donors and for ensuring income from individuals, meetings, and grants meet the organization’s goals and needs.

Community Engagement Coordinator

This position actively connects Friends across our yearly meeting in work and witness and takes the lead in inspiring and galvanizing Friends and seekers to take part in the Philadelphia Yearly Meeting (PYM) community. The Coordinator leads the Community Engagement Team in building and maintaining processes on staff and in our community and will facilitate connection and meaningfully engaged Friends. The Coordinator provides guidance and expertise in broadening engagement and deepening relationships, ensuring constituencies have access to resources and services and facilitating corporate witness and social action. The Coordinator supervises the Sessions Coordinator.

Director of Human Resources and Inclusion

This position has two primary roles: the point person for HR and personnel administration, and facilitating an environment where PYM employees mutually create a welcoming workspace that embraces and supports multi-ethnic, multicultural and inclusive community. This position is a member of the senior staff team. This is an exempt position/25 Hour Work Week/Benefits Eligible.

On-Call Childcare Assistants

Philadelphia Yearly Meeting (PYM) seeks On-Call Childcare Assistants to provide childcare during Meetings and PYM events for our youngest friends.

Opportunities for Mental Health Professionals

The Friends Counseling Service of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting is currently seeking qualified mental health practitioners to join our staff.

Open Positions at Other Quaker Organizations

Teacher Partners for Summer Camp Startups

The Burlington (NJ) Quaker Center for Conference wishes to partner with school teachers with a good knowledge of local history, science and art to create and run day or overnight summer camp(s) at/from the Center. The camps’ focus could be a single subject or combination of subjects; the length 1-2 weeks; the subjects repeating or reflecting events at nearby venues. Our location is 1 block from the RiverLINE light rail train from which many museums, historical sites and recreational venues are within walking distance. We have a commercial kitchen, hall, recreation room, 88 beds, showers, and more amenities with which to house and foster a camp. We have marketing, logistics and facilities people to develop and run it with you.

Operations Manager: FWCC

The Operations Manager is primarily responsible for the smooth running of our international headquarters, including office administration, finance, communications, and data management, and is involved in many aspects of our work, including audience engagement, volunteer coordination, maintaining our directory of Quaker meetings in the Americas, and fundraising. This position interacts via telephone and email with vendors, volunteers,donors, individual Quakers, and meeting representatives. This position is full time, non-exempt with benefits, and is directly responsible to the Executive Secretary.

Executive Director: Friends Foundation for the Aging

Friends Foundation for the Aging (FFA), a non-profit, private foundation is seeking applicants for the Executive Director position. The foundation is a Quaker organization founded to support and promote high-quality programs for older adults that enhance their quality of life and foster independence, respect, dignity and security within a framework of Quaker values.

First Day School Teacher

Frankford Monthly Meeting seeks one or more experienced First Day School teachers to implement spiritual programming on First Days. We welcome our teachers’ gifts and interests as they build a curriculum using these touchstones…

Welcoming Friend Project Assistant

The Welcoming Friend Project is a part of the Spiritual Deepening program at FGC and is connected to the efforts of the Ministry on Racism program.  One goal of the Spiritual Deepening program is to help newcomers interested in Quaker faith and practice to gain a good foundation in our tradition quickly.  Obtaining a working understanding of Quaker faith and practice requires immersion in the community. A further goal of this project is to create a climate in more meetings where People of Color are embraced as part of the worshiping community. Allied to this, work will also be done to help meetings be more welcoming to people of all ages, incomes, sexual orientations, and more.