On October 1, PYM began operating following a new structure and set of strategic directions. This page belongs to a group that has been laid down by the Yearly Meeting, and is no longer active.

The Yearly Meeting community sincerely thanks the members of former groups, and invites you to join us for Continuing Sessions on November 7, 2015to get involved in shaping our future.

Eco-Justice Working Group

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10.10 Tree-planting. Norma Ruiz

Ecological destruction, income inequality and racial injustice cannot be treated as isolated concerns. We may be called to focus on different aspects of the whole, but without awareness of that whole, our work will fall short. Traditional Quaker testimonies highlight both the connections among these concerns and the imperative to act.

We value equality.  Yet we see economic disparities increasing dramatically, with racial minorities experiencing the brunt of both income inequality and environmental damage.

We value integrity.  Yet Gross Domestic Product is a false measure of prosperity, and truth is being sacrificed in advertising, mass media, public discourse, and politics.

We value simplicity.  Yet our ‘Growth economy’ requires ever-increasing consumption, debt, and intrusion on the natural world to sustain itself.

We value community.  Yet we are deeply divided by racism, those facing economic insecurity and confined to prisons grows, and God’s community of life is diminished.

We value peace.  Yet the violence and devastation caused by our economic system’s exploitation of both people and planet is alarming.

In pursuit of justice and a world with a future, the Eco-Justice Working Group of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting is engaged in projects to support Friends in their quest for a nation and economy that serves justice and the commonwealth of life. 

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“Making peace with the earth was always an ethical and ecological imperative. It has now become a survival imperative for our species…People’s need for food and water can be met only if nature’s capacity to provide food and water is protected. Defending the rights of Mother Earth is therefore the most important human rights and social justice struggle. It is the broadest peace movement of our times.” – Dr. Vandana Shiva

Welcome to this Program

Our activities are directly related to climate change, loss of species, and increasingly, global conflict over basic resources like energy, mineral rights, and even water.

“Eco-justice includes all ministries designed to heal and defend creation, working to assure justice for all of creation and the human beings who live in it.” – from the Eco-Justice Working Group of the National Council of Churches

Susan Christian, Green Street Monthly Meeting
Pamela Haines, Central Philadelphia Monthly Meeting
Kenyatta James, Green Street Monthly Meeting
Paula Kline, Westtown Monthly Meeting
Hollister Knowlton, Chestnut Hill Monthly Meeting
Stephen Loughin, Old Haverford Monthly Meeting
Margaret Mansfield, Mount Holly Monthly Meeting
Justin Wright, Westtown Monthly Meeting

The Eco-Justice Working Group is under the care of the Peace and Concerns Standing Committee

Friends involved in this working group are active in a number of areas, including:
A Quaker Witness on Ecology and the Economy
Friendly Households
Quaker Earthcare Witness