Eco-Justice Working Group

10.10 Tree-planting. Norma Ruiz

“Making peace with the earth was always an ethical and ecological imperative. It has now become a survival imperative for our species…People’s need for food and water can be met only if nature’s capacity to provide food and water is protected. Defending the rights of Mother Earth is therefore the most important human rights and social justice struggle. It is the broadest peace movement of our times.” – Dr. Vandana Shiva

Mark your calendar for the People’s Climate March in New York City on September 21, 2014!  Learn more by clicking here: People’s Climate March 

Host an Interfaith Prayer Vigil for Climate Justice or join the climate chorus

Meetings are invited to hold world leaders in the light this week and next as they gather for the UN Climate Summit in New York on September 23rd. Our many faiths call us to be responsible stewards of Creation and to stand in protection of the poorest and most vulnerable humans, ecosystems, species and future generations that will be most harmed by climate change. This will be a time for interfaith prayer, reflection and song as we pray that our international leaders have the discernment to take seriously their responsibility this week at the United Nations to address both the causes of climate change and its effects on communities throughout the world.

Westtown Monthly Meeting , for example, will be holding a special interfaith candlelight prayer service for climate action and protection on Thursday September 18th from 7:00 to 8:00 pm.  You can also join the interfaith climate chorus on September 21st.

Become a Climate March Faith Community: Learn more here!


Welcome to this Program

Our activities are directly related to climate change, loss of species, and increasingly, global conflict over basic resources like energy, mineral rights, and even water.

“Eco-justice includes all ministries designed to heal and defend creation, working to assure justice for all of creation and the human beings who live in it.” – from the Eco-Justice Working Group of the National Council of Churches

Susan Christian, Green Street Monthly Meeting
Pamela Haines, Central Philadelphia Monthly Meeting
Kenyatta James, Green Street Monthly Meeting
Paula Kline, Westtown Monthly Meeting
Hollister Knowlton, Chestnut Hill Monthly Meeting
Stephen Loughin, Old Haverford Monthly Meeting
Margaret Mansfield, Mount Holly Monthly Meeting
Justin Wright, Westtown Monthly Meeting

The Eco-Justice Working Group is under the care of the Peace and Concerns Standing Committee

Friends involved in this working group are active in a number of areas, including:
A Quaker Witness on Ecology and the Economy
Friendly Households
Quaker Earthcare Witness