Where does an unbeliever go?

  • June 13, 2015 at 8:44 pm #1441

    Hello there,

    I call myself an “unbeliever” in anthropogenic global warming (AGW). My rhetorical question is “where in Quakerdom can such an unbeliever go?” (Of course I know there is” climate change” — it would be silly to claim otherwise.)

    I formerly believed in AGW because, well….just because. Never passionately. I remember when the first “Climategate” story broke (late 2009) and like most others in the AGW camp who even noticed it at all, I just scoffed the whole thing off without really looking into it. Two years later, when “Climategate II” broke, somehow I was more skeptical, and took note that this story was almost completely ignored in the AGW circles that I was aware of. I remember being struck by that, and took it upon myself to look into what was in both of these Climategate releases. That in turn led me to finally looking into all those AGW skeptical positions that I had ignored for so long.

    Long story short: I did a lot of research for nearly a year, and by late 2012 finally understood enough to abandon my former belief entirely. I make no claim to any specialized knowledge about climate, greater than the average well-informed layperson, and I certainly don’t claim that human activity has no effect on the weather, or some minor effect on climate. I just reject the prevailing ‘narrative,’ for lack of a better word. The (apparent) consensus.

    That’s all. Thanks for reading. I just wanted it to be known that there is not unanimity within PYM on this.

    Michael (aka Gary) Lapreziosa

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