Junior Interim Meeting

Junior Interim Meeting is an opportunity for Philadelphia Yearly Meeting’s children to take part in God’s Big Idea for them.  Junior Interim Meeting builds on the Children’s Priority, a calling that the children of PYM hear as a group, and address with Quaker business methods.

Children’s Priority, 2013-2015

“The Children of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting are called to make the world a better place by finding fun ways to care for specific environments so that creatures living there can be healthy.”

Continuing Revelation, Children’s Summit Summer 2014

“From our deep places we heard that care for the environment needs to be a continuing effort beyond the time line of the children’s priority. We encourage Friends everywhere to join us in caring for not only our specific environments, but for all. Reducing the waste we create and putting the waste we do create to good use are important not only to us, but to the health of our planet and all creatures who live here.”


The Plan For This Year:

2013 - 2015

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