Central Philadelphia Monthly Meeting First Day School Action

First Day School

The Central Philadelphia First Day School does a service project once a month. In late fall 2016, we began our time together learning about our place in the Yearly Meeting, and reflecting on what we knew about the greening of Friends Center and our use of renewable energy. Then we got busy. Some people worked together to draft a letter to the other meetings in PYM saying why we thought it was important for all our meetings to use renewables for our electricity. Others drew pictures to say the same thing. Still, others began the task of addressing envelopes.

As the year drew to a close, we began getting responses. One clerk wrote a very thoughtful letter about the challenges their very old and very small meeting is facing in this regard. Another wrote to share the good news that their meeting has already made the shift. A third said that our letter got her thinking that this is an issue she needs to raise in business meeting. There may be more.

It was lovely to give these young people a chance to see that they are part of a larger community, to act as loving and responsible members of that community, and to realize that they can make a difference.