FCNL Spring Lobby Weekend: Funding Available for YAF’s

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The FCNL Spring Lobby Weekend will be held on March 18-21, 2017 in Washington DC. FCNL stands for Friends Committee on National Legislation. At this year's Spring Lobby Weekend, attendees will be trained on how to push our congress to enact laws that work to eliminate economic injustice. Then we'll actually go lobby our representatives to take action! Our Quaker Life Council, ...

PYM Indian Committee Minute Supporting Standing Rock Sioux


On September 17, 2016, PYM’s Indian Committee has approved a minute of support of the Standing Rock Sioux in their efforts to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline. We will send this minute to the governor of North Dakota, elected officials in congress, the White House and also the Army Corps of Engineers. Co-clerk Patricia Shore, will be traveling to the …

Watch a Video Overview of the PYM Indian Committee’s Recent Work

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The PYM Indian Committee has created a video demonstrating some of the work it has been involved in during the past year: The PYM Indian Committee is dedicated to the support and funding of Native American initiatives that support communities and preserve cultural heritage. They also serve as an educational resource for Friends seeking a better understanding of Native American concerns. …


Willits Book Trust presents Books to the Harriet Tubman National Historical Park and the NPS Underground Railroad Network to Freedom Program


On June 15, 2016, Lisa S. Garrison presented a copy of William Still’s seminal work, The Underground Railroad to the library of the new Visitor Center of the Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad National Historical Park, on behalf of the Willits Book Trust of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting. The book, based on Still’s journals and published in 1872, details ways in which …


Willits Book Trust Gift to Penn School and Penn Center Reaffirms Historic Ties


Victoria A. Smalls, Director of Marketing and Development at the Penn Center Historic District on St. Helena Island, South Carolina, received a copy of William Still’s book, The Underground Railroad, from Lisa S. Garrison of the Willits Book Trust Committee of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting on June 15, 2016. The book-giving followed Smalls’ presentation at the Underground Railroad Network to Freedom …


Catherine Bache is honored by Philadelphia Yearly Meeting’s Willits Book Trust


Catherine Bache, a high school senior and member of the Girl Scouts of Kentuckiana, developed “Faces of Freedom: Preserving Underground Railroad Stories, Preventing Human Trafficking” an interactive program that reveals an important yet often stereotyped aspect of our nation’s history, the Underground Railroad. Program participants journey through the event as free blacks with freedom papers and return to the south …


The Willits Book Trust of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting Honors the Mitchelville Preservation Project


Joyce Wright of the Mitchelville Preservation Project was presented with a copy of William Still’s The Underground Railroad by Lisa S. Garrison of the Willits Book Trust of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting at the Underground Railroad Network to Freedom Annual Conference held in Hilton Head South Carolina, on June 15, 2016. Before the Emancipation Proclamation was issued, free Black people of …


The Black Law Student Association at Regent University Receives a Book from the Willits Book Trust of PYM


On June 15, 2016, the Willits Book Trust Committee of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting presented a copy of William Still’s seminal work, The Underground Railroad, to Gloria Ann Whittico, Associate Professor of Regent University School of Law in Virginia Beach, VA and faculty advisor to the Regent Chapter of the Black Law Student Association (BLSA).  Regent University, founded by Dr. M. …


Greenleaf Granting Group Highlights Caring, Compassion, Confidentiality, Respect

Aging Services, Grants, Pastoral Care Support

Over $1.7 million in needs-based financial assistance from the Greenleaf Fund has now been allocated to qualifying older members and attenders of monthly meetings in Philadelphia Yearly Meeting. The Greenleaf Granting Group recognizes that how they accomplish this is even more important than how much has been granted. They have issued a clear statement of the values their grants are ...

IOGG 2013 Annual Report Now Available


Want to know more about recent PYM grants? The International Outreach Granting Group  has just issued its annual report for 2012-2013, which details the activities of the group over the last year and includes statements from the travelers they have supported. You can read the full report here.

Ideas For Alternative Fundraising


Ideas from the International Outreach Granting Group. Recently, reduced income, increased expenses and added demand on International Outreach Granting Group funds has, unfortunately, dampened our ability to help Friends in their travel missions. In light of this, IOGG Friends offer the following as alternative/additional sources of funds. This is not a definitive list and we welcome suggestions at IOGG@pym.org. In ...


Of Books and Bayous


The Willits Book Trust Visits Louisiana — by Lisa S. Garrison, Greenwich Monthly Meeting: On a November afternoon Charles F. Woodson and I stood in the lobby of the African American Museum in St. Martinville, La. waiting for books. We had traveled from New Orleans to the lower reaches of the Mississippi River and then across the Atchafalaya Basin, following …


Helping Aging Friends


My favorite story from the Aging Granting Group is of the elderly Friend who applied a few years ago for money to add a deck to her home. She was wheelchair-bound and had no way to be outside without using a steep ramp to get to the gravel drive. So, we made the grant from the Albertson Fund, which is …


Peace Training Manuals in Liberia


Violence has no religion and no tribe: “Few of us knew the term Quaker or anything about their belief system until we met the expert, intellectual, and ready-to-work peace builder, Dr. Nettles … I pray that the Almighty Allah gives her the strength, courage and money to come back.”  – Sedekie Kamara, Cuttington University student, and a Muslim Students Association …