This Year’s Junior Interim Meeting Plan: Historic Fair Hill


I’m excited to announce we’ll be heading to Historic Fair Hill for Junior Interim Meeting this year! It’s been a few years since I’ve visited Historic Fair Hill Burial Ground, and it looks great.  Right at the beginning of Junior Interim Meeting we visited Fair Hill several times with the primary goal of making friends and playing games with kids …

Planning for the Children’s Summit is Underway!


It’s been a great year of Junior Interim Meeting work, heading off the SHARE Food Program and helping them pack boxes, organize food, and serve a population of families who do not have food security.  We did all of that because at Yearly Meeting in 2011, the children heard that God’s Big Idea for them was to aid the hungry …

Evening Activity at Spring Family Overnight, a Gallery


Spring Family Overnight, coming up on May 18th and 19th, is one of my favorite weekends of the year.  We have the opportunity to be at Camp Dark Waters, the best place on the planet, and spend time with K-5th graders and their families. Last spring, evening activity was Stretchers and Sandcastles, which had families constructing gorgeous sand palaces and …

Check out the Junior Interim Meeting Story!

Children, Videos

Check out this incredible video of our kids in action!  Also featuring clips from Arthur Larrabee, Steveanna Wynn, and the SHARE Food Program. We packed over 80 boxes on this particular visit to the  SHARE Food Program, and this was just one of many.  There’s lots more to learn about Junior Interim Meeting and SHARE, so please watch the video and …

We’re Hiring a Children’s Sessions Assistant


Philadelphia Yearly Meeting has posted the invitation to apply for the position of Children’s Sessions Assistant for this coming summer.  The position works closely with Benjamin Camp (your friendly neighborhood Program Coordinator) to make Children’s Sessions a great experience for the youngest Yearly Meeting participants. It starts as very light part time work, then ramps up as we get closer …

Come Make a Video With Us at Junior Interim Meeting!


This month for the final Junior Interim Meeting of this school year, we’ll be joined by a fantastic videographer filming our work and interviewing members.  A short video of the work we’ve been doing with the SHARE Food Program will be posted to our website so that members of the Yearly Meeting who aren’t able to be there can get …

An Open Letter To Families I Haven’t Met Yet


Dear Families I Haven’t Met, Hi!  I’m Ben, and I’m the Children’s Religious Life Program Coordinator for Philadelphia Yearly Meeting.  I’ve been here for about 3 years now, and I’ve had the joy of running events for Kindergarten to 5th graders, and spending time with those kids’ families. In my role as Children’s Religious Life Program Coordinator at Philadelphia Yearly Meeting I …

Winter Family Overnight is at Onas this Year!


The Children’s Religious Life Program of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting is pleased to announce its location for this year’s Winter Family Overnight- Camp Onas in Ottsville PA. Our Family Overnights are events that I look forward to all year. Coming from a Summer Camp background, I’m a huge fan of residential community. Living, eating, and playing together, even for one night, …

Reports from Emerging Leaders Scholar Rebecca Sullivan


Rebecca was part of the Emerging Leaders Scholarship Program, and we love her!  In return for being a volunteer with the children’s program for the year, she received funds she could use to attend Quaker programming of her choosing.  She’s a great friend and a wonderful photographer. As part of the program, she was asked to create reports, two of …

2011-2012 Junior Interim Meeting Reports


Check out our archive of JIM reports from the 2011-2012 Junior Interim Meeting season. September 2011: Junior Interim Meeting Report 2011-9-10 September October 2011: Junior Interim Meeting Report 2011-10-8 October November 2011: Junior Interim Meeting Report 2011-11-12 November January 2012: Junior Interim Meeting Report 2012-1-14 January