Epistles 2014

One of the ways Quakers have stayed in touch with each other through the years has been to write letters telling the story of their gatherings, so to create a worldwide network of correspondence and connection. These letters have historically been called epistles.

On the last day of this year’s Annual Sessions, our 334th, Children, Middle School Friends, Young Friends, Young Adult Friends and the body assembled shared epistles telling of their experiences and spiritual insights within our faith community.

In the digital replica below you will find 5 epistles. The first epistle is from our plenary sessions.  Following, in order, are epistles from the Yearly Meeting, Young Adult Friends, Young Friends, Middle School Friends and Friends in the Children’s Program.  These epistles tell the story of our experience as a faith community at a moment in time, our 334th Annual Sessions.

Download the 2014 Annual Sessions Epistles (PDF – 19.6 MB)