Minutes 2010

This page summarizes the minutes from Philadelphia Yearly Meeting Annual Sessions 2010.   The summary is below.  Detailed minutes of each session are located on individual pages, listed in the menu on the right side of this page.

Summary of daily sessions

July 28 - evening


2010 Sessions theme: “We Make the Road by Walking.”

Minutes of this session

July 29 - morning


Agenda reading

Epistle presentation

Presentation of the slate of nominees for service to the Yearly Meeting

Report by Arthur Larrabee

Analysis of Yearly Meeting finances

Development of staff restructuring plan

Minutes of this session

July 29 - evening


Epistle committee approval

Interim Meeting report

War Tax Refusal Policy

Minutes of this session

July 30 - morning


Priorities Process Standing Committee

Budget considerations and process of discernment

Annual Sessions planning

Minutes of this session

July 30 - evening


Earth Quaker Action Team

Peace and Concerns Standing Committee

Eco-Justice Working Group

Minute reading from Wellsboro Monthly Meeting

Minutes of this session

July 31 - morning


Arch Street Standing Committee

Readings from March 27 sessions minute of exercise and November 14 Interim Meeting minutes

Explanation of activities from children and Young Friends

Minutes of this session

July 31 - evening


Presentation of printed draft of the outgoing epistle from Philadelphia Yearly Meeting

Clerk’s address of morning sessions comments

Reading of a minute from November 14, 2009 Interim Meeting

Education Standing Committee

Middle East Working Group: delegation to Israel/Palestine

Introduction of keynote speaker, Noah Baker Merrill

Minutes of this session

August 1 - morning


Reading of minutes from Saturday morning

Reading of a draft of the outgoing Epistle from Philadelphia Yearly Meeting

Standing Committee on Worship and Care report

Reading & approval of minutes

Business meeting

Remembrance of the passing of Friend Sondra Ball

How are we doing as a Yearly Meeting?

Young Friends epistle reading

Rereading of the outgoing Epistle and the Clerk’s Minute of Exercise

Minutes of this session