Minutes 2005

This page summarizes the minutes from Philadelphia Yearly Meeting Annual Sessions 2005.   The summary is below.  Detailed minutes of each session are located on individual pages, listed in the menu on the right side of this page.

Summary of daily sessions

March 31 - morning

Clerk’s Welcome

Approval of Epistle Committee

“Reconciling Differences; Discovering Joy”

Minutes of this session

March 31 - afternoon

Worship and Introductions

Epistle from the 21st Friends World Committee for Consultation Triennial

Membership Statistics

Nominating Committee Report

Friends Fiduciary Corporation

Friends Hospital

Residential Yearly Meeting

Minutes of this session

March 31 - evening

Clerk’s Welcome

Welcoming The Children

Reading Of Incoming Epistle

“The Wounding and Healing of the Human Spirit”

Minutes of this session

April 1 - morning

Clerk’s Welcome

2004 Epistle of Britain Yearly Meeting

Quarterly Meetings

Interim Meeting

Treasurer’s Report

Philadelphia Yearly Meeting Budget

Minutes of this session

April 1 - afternoon

Worship and Introductions

The Quarterly Meeting Project Group

Discerning A Future Vision For Philadelphia Yearly Meeting

Minutes of this session

April 1 - evening

Welcome To Visitors

Epistle from Britain Junior Yearly Meeting

“Why We Can Choose Hope: Making Our Faith Work in the World”

Minutes of this session

April 2 - afternoon

Introductions & Welcome to Visitors

Minutes of Gratitude

First Reading of Outgoing Epistle

Minute on Darfur

Children Arrive

Climate Change

Minutes of this session

April 3 - morning

Clerk’s Welcome

Nominating Committee Report

A Concern

Outgoing Epistle – Final Reading

“Ramallah: An Investment in Hope”

Upcoming Sessions of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting

Closing Remarks and Consideration of the Minutes

Worship and Celebration

Minutes of this session