Middle School Friends’ Epistle

Dear Friends,

We are the Middle School Friends and these are some things we appreciate:

  • Doing a lot of AFSC projects when older kids help younger kids
  • Writing a newspaper for the Meeting
  • Making friends when enough kids come
  • An overnight when we made chili for a homeless shelter, came back to the Meeting and watched a movie about Dorothy Day
  • Potlucks
  • Singing songs before meeting
  • Listening to a story, doing some sharing about it and then doing an art project

Some of our concerns are:

  • There are not a steady group in First-day School — sometimes there are two people and sometimes ten and it is hard when there isn’t a commitment to come regularly.
  • There is no one my age and three older kids get to do whatever they want (don’t have to come to meeting) and it isn’t fair.
  • Even if there are only a few of us we ought to have our own class and not always be with the younger ones.
  • More learning about other religions
  • We spend so much time reading the New Testament. Could we read the Old Testament or go to a soup kitchen once a month?
  • I wish we could do some activism as First-day Schools — not marching in demonstrations every Sunday but writing letters or something.
  • Could there be more to do with everyone in the Meeting so that older and younger people can be friends?

July 22, 2001