Incorporation Information


Although incorporation has been discussed in Interim Meeting, and was the topic of an article in the January 2001 PYM News, it became clear when it was discussed at our March 24th Session of Yearly Meeting that many Friends are unaware of the plans for incorporation. Quite appropriately, the Friends present at the March 24th Session indicated that they needed fuller background information if they were to participate responsibly in these deliberations. Placing information here is one part of the effort to make information available.

What’s Here

Documents currently available here are:

  • A Letter to Clerks, dated April 27, 2001, which provides background information
  • A one page “Pros and Cons” list

The drafts of the Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws that were presented on March 24th are being revised, and are to be circulated after Interim Meeting has reviewed them.