Annual Sessions Minutes of Action for July 27, 2017

Annual Sessions

Note: The following are Minutes of Action approved at Annual Sessions on July 27, 2017. The full Minutes will be posted following the conclusion of Annual Sessions, once the clerks have compiled them.

The Clerk asked Friends to approve Thomas Swain (Middletown MM) in leading the adoption of the revised Faith and Practice part of the agenda.  Friends approved.

Friends approved the adoption of the revised draft of Faith and Practice as presented.  Concerns that were raised in session and any future suggestions or concerns should be submitted to Administrative Council for further discernment and revision.  Friends approved the release of the F&P revision group and F&P revision sprint from their work with a minute of deep appreciation of their years of work on the yearly meeting’s behalf.

Friends approved an Epistle Committee consisting of Carter Nash (Harrisburg MM), Gabbreell James (Green Street MM), Jondhi Harrell (?? MM), Louis LeFevre (?? MM), Naomi Madaras (?? MM), Ross Hennesy (?? MM), convened by Melissa Rycroft (?? MM). Missing Monthly Meeting affiliations will be listed in the full minutes.