Young Adult Friends at Sessions

Contact for Young Adult Friends:

Elizabeth Piersol Schmidt
Young Adult Friends Coordinator

Online registration has closed for those who require housing. Please contact to inquire about housing availability. Commuters may order meals and register on-site. We hope to see you there!

Young Adult Friends (YAFs, ages 18-35) participate in all aspects of Annual Sessions, facilitating workshops, participating in business sessions, and providing leadership for youth programs.

Young Adult Friends have our own dorm area where we host late-evening program & fellowship, often including discussion, worship sharing, board games, and checking in about the day. (When registering, choose the air conditioned housing option.)

In our new tradition, YAFs will welcome graduating Young Friends into the Young Adult Friends community at a super-secret event! YAFs also find ways to have additional informal time as a peer group, including sharing meals, amidst the myriad of offerings during Sessions!

Concerned about cost?

Sessions planners are working to make this year’s sessions as affordable as possible. Workgrants will be available to help cover the cost of attending sessions. Please do not stay away for lack of funds!