Daily Updates from Sessions 2014

We invite you to visit this page daily from July 23-27, 2014 for timely updates from Philadelphia Yearly Meeting in Session.

Decisions Minuted at Sessions:

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Philadelphia Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends gathered in Annual Sessions at the appointed hour. Clerk Jada S. Jackson welcomed all present, asked us to share with each other the joy of being here. Session was then given over to the program staff. Christie Duncan-Tessmer introduced Youth program staff and described the evening’s program as one which will set the groundwork for us all being together. Staff then led us in a group wave, a devotional song “We’re Standing on Holy Ground”, and an exchange of queries. We were then directed to settle into worship and after ten minutes those who wanted a more programed worship experience would leave and return at the end of the forty minutes. After both Programed and Non programed worship groups reunited the Clerk broke meeting and wished us all a good night’s sleep, an early rise tomorrow and the hope that we would return with the same joy and excitement experienced this evening and the intention to get to work on the business of the Yearly Meeting. Submitted by David Rose, Recording Clerk (Lehigh Valley Monthly Meeting)

Thursday, July 23, 2014 - Morning Session

A minute of travel from was read for Marian Beane (Charlottee Friends Meeting). She is attending as the Yearly Meeting Visitor from FGC. The letter described the deepness of service to her home meeting and to FGC. She is currently serving on their Executive Committee. Friends approved endorsing the Minute of Travel. Friends received Reports from:

  • Faith and Practice Revision Group
  • Report of PYM work with American Friends Service Committee
  • Report of PYM work with Friends Committee on National Legislation
  • Report of PYM work with Friends General Conference
  • Report of PYM work with Friends World Committee for Consultation

Friends received an amended Peace and Social Concerns Standing Committee report Friends received a Support and Outreach Standing Committee report. Minutes from the Gathering Celebration Wednesday evening were read by David Rose (Lehigh Valley MM). With corrections and suggestions noted, minutes were approved. Respectfully submitted, John Lavin, Recording Clerk (Birmingham Monthly Meeting)

Thursday, July 24, 2014 - Afternoon Session

Becca Bubb presented the slate for the PYM Annual Session Epistle Committee. They are: Eric Peterson (Norristown MM), Sara Palmer (Central Philadelphia MM) , Teresa Jacob Engeman (Kendall MM), Carolyn Schodt (Chestnut Hill MM). Meeting approved slate as presented. Report to Annual Sessions of Quarterly Meeting Revitalization received. John Lavin read the minutes of record from Thursday morning session. With additions, clarifications and corrections received and recorded, Minutes of Record approved as Amended. Submitted by: David Rose, Recording Clerk (Lehigh Valley Monthly Meeting)

Friday, July 25, 2014 - Morning Session

Friends approved the budget for fiscal year 2015 as presented, with great appreciation for the work of all involved in its creation. We received with gratitude the report of the Arch Street Meeting House Standing Committee. The Clerk made a change to the agenda, which was approved. Respectfully submitted: Jim Herr Recording Clerk (Lancaster Monthly Meeting)

Friday, July 25, 2014 - Afternoon Session

Report from General Service received. The Education Standing Committee Report and the Young Adult Friends Working Group received. Worship and Care Standing Committee Report received. Minutes

  • Minutes of Action from this session were read and approved.
  • Minutes of Record from Thursday afternoon read and with clarifications and corrections incorporated, Minutes of Thursday afternoon Approved.
  • Minutes of Record from Friday morning session read by Jim Herr. With corrections and clarifications incorporated Minutes of Friday morning session were approved,

The sharing portion of the celebration ended at 5:20 pm with the approval of the Minute of Appreciation for Arthur Larrabee. Submitted by: David Rose, Recording Clerk (Lehigh Valley Monthly Meeting)

Saturday, July 25, 2015 - Morning Session

Friends received the Philadelphia Yearly Meeting Elders Interim Meeting Report Friends received the Long Range Planning Group report titled “Re-Kindling our Fire” Friends received the Junior Interim Meeting Report Respectfully submitted, John Lavin, Recording Clerk (Birmingham Monthly Meeting)

Saturday, July 25, 2014 - Afternoon Session

We approved the proposed 5-Year Plan for Philadelphia Yearly Meeting. Friends released, with great gratitude, the Long Range Planning Group. Respectfully submitted, Jim Herr, Recording Clerk (Lancaster Monthly Meeting)

Sunday, July 26, 2014

Meeting accepted the Report of the Nominating Committee. Meeting approved all appointments, reappointments and resignations as listed in the Nominating Committee Report with the exception that the Assistant Treasurer appointment was not under consideration. New appointments of Officers of the yearly meeting include:

  • Rising Clerk: Penny Colgan-Davis (Germantown MM)
  • Alternate Clerk: Alison Anderson (Central Philadelphia MM)
  • Recording Clerks: Jim Herr, full term (Lancaster MM) and David Rose, 1 year (Lehigh Valley MM)

The resignation of Alison Anderson as Elder was approved with gratitude. The Minutes for Annual Sessions 2014 were approved with various clarifications and corrections.  Clerk Jada Jackson asked for and received approval to review the minutes to include what she felt was important to describe the entire process of arriving at approval of the Five Year Plan. Clerk Jada Jackson gave the Clerk’s Report/Minute of Exercise. Clerk Jada Jackson read a Minute of Appreciation for Alternate Clerk Steve Olshevski (Radnor MM). A minute addressing white privilege and racism was considered. After hearing the responses of Friends, the Clerk asked the meeting to approve the following way forward: “Recognizing that the action items have been heard by the persons who can implement them without approval, we release the concerns expressed in this minute to the Clerks and Elders to review and return with implementation plans to the next Interim Meeting.”  This action was approved. Meeting approved the Outgoing Philadelphia Yearly Meeting Epistle. Meeting received the following Epistles with joy: Children’s Epistle, Young Friends’ Epistle and Young Adult Friends’ Epistle. After a period of worship, the 2014 Philadelphia Yearly Meeting Annual Sessions ended at 1:10 pm. Respectfully submitted, David Rose, Recording Clerk (Lehigh Valley Monthly Meeting)