Annual Sessions 2014

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July 23-27
Muhlenberg College
Allentown, PA

Worship is a Door to Love.

Annual Sessions 2014 concluded July 27 with approximately 500 attenders, including may who were at sessions for the first time! Many thanks to the volunteers who helped make sessions run smoothly!


“As Spirit accompanied us in Meeting for Worship for Business, afternoon conversation groups, evening workshops and morning worship-sharing, Spirit was also present among those Friends who sat outside the dining hall writing in journals, talking quietly, or walking around the campus. The cicadas sang throughout the morning and into the night while young Friends rode scooters, played dress-up, and listened to guitar music under the tents outside Taylor Hall. At night, children and their parents caught and released fireflies: a picture of our past, our presence, and our future.”  From the PYM Annual Sessions Outgoing Epistle, 2013. Read the full epistle


Sessions are for everyone- individuals and all kinds of families! Members and attenders of all ages from PYM  monthly meetings are encouraged to participate.  Members of other yearly meetings and other interested persons are also welcome and often join us.

In Annual Sessions we get to know ourselves as a whole community.  We worship together, practice spirit-led  discernment in Meetings for Business,  re-create in age specific and multigenerational programs, and enjoy fellowship in quiet times. There are many opportunities to share witness from our meetings and the wider world. Friends may stay on campus full time, attend for just a day or two, or commute from home.

The next PYM Annual Sessions will meet July 23-27, 2013, at Muhlenberg College in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Dorm housing and meals are available for all ages and friends may attend full or part-time.

Sessions Planning Group plans the schedule, program, and logistics for Sessions while the PYM Agenda Committee develops the agenda for plenary sessions, where business is discerned under the guidance of Spirit. If you have an idea for a program or agenda item, or wish to volunteer, contact,  215 241 7238.

“To love and be loved is a universal human urge. Is it any wonder, then, that we are moved to seek God’s love?… It is to this divine love that we are called. This is the high promise of man’s life. We are called away from indifference, from meanness, malice, prejudice, and hate. We are called above the earthly loves that come and go and are unsure. We are called into the deep enduring love of God and man and all creation. Worship is a door into that love. Once we have entered it, our every act is a prayer, our whole life a continuous worship.”  N. Jean Toomer, 1947*

*Toomer, N. Jean; An Interpretation of Friends Worship, Friends General Conference, 1947, pp. 14-15: #132