Are our meetings for worship held in stilled, expectant waiting upon God?

As we worship is there a living silence in which we are drawn together by the power of God in our midst?

Is the spirit of our worship together one that nurtures all worshipers?

– Queries, Faith and Practice, PYM 2002

Opportunities for worship are scheduled in the early morning and other times of day throughout Sessions.  This worship may be in the main plenary space, outdoors, or other places where Friends gather. Click on the titles below for more on Worship and Sessions.

Worship Sharing Groups

Worship-Sharing-2Worship Sharing Groups have become a gathering point for Sessions.  Small groups of friends get together for discernment of queries and worship sharing to help ground our work together. There will be Worship Sharing prior to Meeting for Worship for Business Thursday through Sunday. This program was part of the 2012 Annual Sessions and was greatly received by attending Friends. This sharing of time together is to prepare Friends for the following Meeting for Worship for Business. This year we are blessed to have the Young Friends deeply involved with the Worship Sharing. They will be writing the queries and will also co-facilitate some of the groups. Friends will be assigned to worship groups as part of the registration process.

Before Sessions

RYM-2006-Tent-at-nightPlease hold our Yearly Meeting in the Light.  Whether this takes the form of prayer and meditation, visualization, or just a positive loving wish, please take the time to ask that sessions go well for everyone. If you can, take time each day for this.We can each use the time before sessions in this way. It not only supports the event itself and the staff and volunteers who plan and run it, but daily preparation puts each of us in a clearer place spiritually, ready to open ourselves to the working of the Spirit in all our activities together.


In 2013 will are adding an evening Vesper Services Wednesday through Saturday nights. This time will join all of us together to end our day in worship and prepare for the next day.

Friends Who Cannot Attend

“Community is at the heart of Quaker worship and of Quaker discernment. We don’t need to be all in the same place for prayer and worship to feel powerfully connected, but knowing when others are also connected in these ways can have a great effect.” – Ben Pink Dandelion

There are any number of reasons a Friends might not be able to attend Annual Sessions, but you can still participate. Your Yearly Meeting needs you, and you can be an important part, even while you stay at home. Committing to the daily practice of prayer and positive, loving wishes that sessions go well is the most powerful support a Friend can provide. Thank you.