Launch of PYM is Us!

Young Adult Friends

The Philadelphia Yearly Meeting community is one that we are all a part of.  We are PYM – at Young Adult Friends retreats, at meeting for worship, at potlucks, and out living our faith in the world. PYM is Us.

On Friday night at Annual Sessions, the Young Adult Friends community had a conversation about how young adults serve Philadelphia Yearly Meeting, and how Philadelphia Yearly Meeting supports us.
Some spoke of not feeling connected to a monthly meeting, and so the yearly meeting felt like their spiritual home base. Friends talked about volunteering – as clerks, as workshop leaders, as cooks, as committee members, or running youth programs.  People talked about the rarity that a community like this, a loving space where we’re seeking Truth together, even exists.  Friends spoke of making connections during PYM events – new leadings emerging, or new friendships blossoming – that had profound impacts on their lives.

Manifesting in so many different ways, we are all part of PYM.  And we are all a part of supporting this community.

As a part of deepening this support, the Young Adult Friends community is launching a campaign to encourage YAFs to consider giving financially to Philadelphia Yearly Meeting, to keep the community strong, and help us grow in new ways.

pym-is-us-printTo thank you for making giving to PYM a part of your life, everyone who participates in the PYM is Us! Campaign will get a “Philadelphia Yearly Meeting” print by our own YAF community member, Joey Hartmann-Dow.  She writes about the piece:

Philadelphia Yearly Meeting is a community that comes together from many different places and backgrounds. This piece was inspired by a map of the 10meetings within PYM—coming together as one being, with eyes open.

We have a goal of 50 young adults (age 18-35) donating to the PYM Annual Fund by the end of 2015.  That’s over 150% more people participating than the past several years (which is a pretty big increase). But we think one reason more young adults don’t give is because we don’t feel asked to give.  So this is us, the Young Adult Friends community, asking “Will you consider giving to PYM this year?”  We’re not concerned with what the dollar amount is – choose the amount that makes sense for you (there’s a range of suggestions on the donation page, and you can write in your own amount!)  What we want is for as many YAFs as possible to do this together.  

Ready to say yes? You can give online, right now!