Your Feedback Needed: Junior Interim Meeting


Junior Interim Meeting, one of the mainstay portions of the Children’s Program here at Philadelphia Yearly Meeting, is a vibrant community of families and kids that come to the meetings month after month to follow through on a Children’s Priority they discerned.  It’s a great opportunity, and I love planning for it and spending time with the kids while it’s happening.  If you’re interested, you can learn more about it here.

I also have the sense that there may be an opportunity to reach more families, and invite more members and attenders into the circle.  So I need your help.  We’ve created a survey for families that have and have not participated in Junior Interim Meeting so far.  We’re eager to hear about the great experiences you’ve had with Junior Interim Meeting, but also to learn about ways we might be able to make it easier for your family and others.

So I’m asking for two favors.  First is the obvious one, if you have children in Kindergarten- 5th grade,  please take 4 minutes and complete our survey.

Take the 4 minute survey.

And the second is this: please consider identifying  two to four families in your meeting that don’t participate with the Junior Interim Meeting program, and asking them personally if they’d be willing to fill out the survey.  The personal touch means a lot!

Here’s some easy to copy and share suggested text:

Hello Friend!

I’ve been participating in a program called Junior Interim Meeting with the Youth Program at Philadelphia Yearly Meeting.  They’re working on new ways to serve families who attend meetings within the Yearly Meeting, but might not have been to a Youth Program yet.  I’m wondering if you would be willing to take a four minute survey for them, so they can serve as many families as possible.

This is the survey here.  And if you’re interested, this is more information on the program.

Thank you so much!

Thanks for your time, and your feedback means a lot to me and everyone here at Philadelphia Yearling Meeting!

-Benjamin Camp