Young Friends – How to Register for the White Privilege Conference

Young Friends

PrivilegeHey Young Friends! Remember at the Christmas gathering we heard about the White Privilege Conference happening in Philadelphia this year? It’ll be Thursday, April 14 to Sunday, April 17 (but if you can only come for the weekend, that’s okay!). There will be a lot of Quakers there, including Young Friends from New England Yearly Meeting, New York Yearly Meeting, and possibly Baltimore Yearly Meeting who are excited about connecting with PYM Young Friends! The track for high-schoolers, called the Youth Action Project (YAP), takes place Friday-Sunday and looks exceptional (for more information see YAP Frequently Asked Questions and YAP interest letter.)

Registration is open now! The cost for attending the Youth Action Project would normally be $225, but if you register through Friends General Conference, the cost is $180 (more on how to do that below). There is also the opportunity to get financial aid from Philadelphia Yearly Meeting, but you must register by February 15th to receive that aid – the sooner the better!! More information on how to register below.

Minors must attend the White Privilege Conference with either a parent/guardian or a sponsor. If you would like Hannah to be your sponsor, email Hannah ( when you have finished registering. Your parents will have to fill out a permission form (acknowledging their permission for you to be in Hannah’s care while you are at the WPC and noting where you are staying and that you are in someone else’s care while not at the WPC), and you’ll need to sign in with Hannah when you arrive and sign out with her when you leave. The White Privilege Conference is still getting protocols together around minors and sponsors at the WPC this year, so there may be more nuance to this process to come – stay tuned!


  1. Check with your Meeting to see if it can support your attendance at the White Privilege Conference!
  2. Fill out the FGC PRE-registration form. If you are a minor, you will either have to note that your parent/guardian is also attending or list your sponsor.
  3. Upon completion of the FGC pre-registration form, you will be emailed the FGC discount code with detailed instructions on which exact code to use where in the WPC registration.
  4. From here, you must complete the registration on the White Privilege Conference website, and provide the discount code when prompted for payment.
  5. If you listed Hannah as your sponsor, please forward her your registration confirmation email (
  6. If you would like to receive further financial assistance beyond the FGC discount and any support from your meeting, forward your registration confirmation email to Zachary Dutton at Be sure to include your participation in the Young Friends Program and any monthly meeting affiliation as well as the amount of funding you would ideally receive.
  7. All friends, and especially those who receive aid from PYM, will be asked to write, post to social media, visit or otherwise share their experience with their own meeting and other meetings to further awareness of the need for and ways to dismantle racism and white supremacy in our communities and beyond.
  8. The funds set aside to support registration will be distributed in a way that allows the most people to receive aid while ensuring a meaningful degree of support. We won’t know the exact amounts until the conclusion of the registration process. We can’t promise we will be able to meet your need fully, but we will do our best.
  9. The deadline to receive aid from PYM is Monday, February 15. Because PYM funds are limited, we encourage Friends to register as early as possible.